Visiting picturesque natural wonder – Porquerolles.

September 29, 2020
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During your yacht charter, visiting Porquerolles offers a wonderful and contrasting experience with nature. It is part of a group of 3 islands, Porquerolles being the largest and the most famous and the group are located between Hyères and St. Tropez on the French Riviera coast.

The natural beauty is very well preserved and protected thanks to strict protective measures, for example, cars are not allowed on the island.
Here you can enjoy the wonders of the southern French wild flora and fauna, swim in crystal clear seas and hear the birds singing.

Porquerolles is a very romantic and unique place, where you can visit several picturesque beaches, the ancient Fort Sainte Agathe or the Fort du Grand Langoustier.

Also, you may wish to visit the Fondation Carmignac art gallery, which is home to original sculptures, unique art installations and amazing paintings.

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