Visiting St. Barth.

December 9, 2020
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St. Barth (Saint Barthélemy) is a wonderful place to visit during your yacht charter in the Caribbean.
This island is truly a jewel of the Caribbean, blending French culture and heritage with a tropical landscape and climate.
St. Barth is one of the most luxurious islands in the Caribbean, offering plenty of 5-star resorts, fine dining restaurants and vibrant nightlife. It will never be boring!
For the lovers of nature, who would prefer a more relaxed vacation, St. Barth offers plenty of lovely options too!
Lush green fields, picturesque mountains, blooming gardens full of colourful plants, wild beaches with white powder sand such as “Saline Beach” or the hidden “St. Jean Beach” and turquoise bays – these are just a few of the natural wonders St.Barth can offer.
For shopping fans, visit Gustavia, the small harbour town with many boutiques, where you can stroll around and watch the world go by.
St. Barth is also an outstanding location for snorkelling and diving so be ready for great adventures and discoveries!
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