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The arrival of MONACO ONE – a new marine shuttle between Monaco and Ventimiglia.

March 5, 2021
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The future is here!
Monaco is well known for its contribution to sustainability and technology.

There are already electric taxis and buses around the town and now Monaco will have a new marine shuttle.

MONACO ONE was built by Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels (France) and is very environmentally friendly due to its fuel efficiency.

A brand new catamaran, MONACO ONE recently arrived in the harbor to start a shuttle service between Monaco and Cala Del Forte. 

The Port of Monaco port recently purchased The Port of Ventimiglia – Cala Del Forte, just over the Italian border, and will develop this area over the next few years. This port will provide high-end facilities for yacht owners and guests.

The vessel can accommodate up to 12 guests and can reach speeds up to 90 knots, meaning the shuttle would take just 15 minutes. A real rocket! 

The vessel is currently undertaking sea trials and plans to be fully operational for the Monaco Grand Prix 2021.

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