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Palm Yachts Official Dealer in France, Monaco and the UK

September 14, 2021
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MY SEA – Official Dealer of PALM YACHTS for sale in France, Monaco and the United Kingdom.

As we start a new decade, we will embrace a different world and a new vision of how we do things differently in yachting. Importantly we will have to treat the oceans with total respect. PALM YACHTS have taken up this challenge by completely re-imagining how a new range of luxury sail and power catamarans will look and operate and more importantly offer a significantly reduced impact on our marine environment by using a unique hybrid propulsion system by combining quality design, the finest build materials, the best engineering and an overall commitment to excellence. 

Their range of Luxury catamarans are all hybrid as standard and the focus on the design of the propulsion has been to put the electric drive – offering silent and emission free yachting – first, and use the diesel as a automatic fast charge option if required at sea or if shore charging is not available.  These can also propel the vessel at higher than cruising speeds where diesel is more efficient.

PALM YACHTS suggest that both the sail and the power catamarans could be operated in a zero emissions scenario depending on the voyage, and for many customers this can be a reality, with the knowledge that a they have a back up diesel in reserve for higher speed or range extension charging.

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