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Browse our selection of yachts for charter and choose your perfect yacht. Once chosen, sit back, relax and let MYSEA do the rest.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like advice on the best yacht, get in touch with our yacht charter brokers.

A yacht charter with MYSEA allows you to define your own unique experience. With the help of our yacht charter brokers, we will create the perfect experience for you to relax and unwind. Whether you are looking for the perfect family adventure, or time together with friends, MYSEA is at your service. 

MYSEA yacht charter brokers put their extensive professionalism and strong network of contacts at your service. We will find the perfect yacht in the port of your choice together with a highly trained crew ready to fulfil your every desire.

Not sure when to set sail on a charter? The time of year you choose to charter can make a big difference on the destination you choose. Springtime and the early summer months are perfect for exploring the French Riviera and islands of the Mediterranean. During the cooler months of autumn and winter, the Caribbean and southern hemisphere is the place to set sail to. You will also find a greater selection of yachts for charter seasonally, as yachts sail around the world each year in search of sun, sea and splendour. 

Chartering a yacht is unquestionably special and allows you the opportunity to explore the world in the utmost privacy and comfort. So set sail to the most beautiful destinations and achieve the ultimate feeling of freedom.